General FAQ

General FAQ'S

Why use a Funkin Cocktail Mixer Shaker?

Our Funkin Cocktail Mixer shaker removes the need for equipment… you don’t need a shaker, strainer, muddler, blender etc. to make delicious cocktails. All you need is ice and spirit and a couple of glasses to share delicious cocktails with friends.

Are your products alcohol free?

Funkin mixers, purees and syrups are non-alcoholic. We also stock STRYKK Non-Alcoholic spirits. They can be used with our products to create non-alcoholic cocktails

Do you have Amaretto Sour or Pink Gin Fizz cans??

Unfortunately, these flavours have been discontinued. We do have a sour mix carton mixer available regularly on our website. You can add 100ml of the mixer to 50ml of Disaronno and shake with ice to make an amaretto sour.

Can you freeze the purees?

You can freeze purées but any open purée items must not be frozen for more than or consumed after 3 months of opening the packaging. It may be convenient to freeze them into ice cube trays so you can take them out as and when you need them. Please refer to the use by dates on the packaging if you are not freezing the purées.

How many calories does your nitro cans contain?

Product Calories per 100ml
Funkin Nitro Espresso Martini 81kcal
Funkin Nitro Passion Fruit Martini 72kcal
Funkin Nitro Pina Colada 106kcal
Funkin Nitro Strawberry Daiquiri 74kcal
Funkin Peach Bellini 68kcal
Funkin Strawberry + Raspberry Hard Seltzer 29kcal
Funkin Passion + Mango Hard Seltzer 29kcal
Funkin Lemon + Lime Hard Seltzer 29kcal
Funkin Passion fruit Martini RTD Bottle 102kcal
Funkin Pina Colada RDT Bottle 125kcal
Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri RTD Bottle 95 kcal

Do you have a recipe for…?

We have developed a recipe finder on our website which is free to use. Simply visit this page and you can search for and filter recipes based on your preference and ingredients.

Can you recycle your products?

All our products can be recycled in the recycling bin at home, with the exception of our pouches.

Why is an item not appearing on the website?

If an item is unavailable on the website, it is temporarily unavailable or out of stock. We aim to have it back on the website as soon as possible.

Shipping and Delivery

What is your delivery timeframe?

Our estimated delivery time frame is within 3 working days from the date we accept your order.

What is your delivery service?

  • Standard delivery (3 working days) for orders below £25.00: £4.99
  • Standard delivery (3 working days) for orders over £25.00: £3.50
  • Belfast/Scottish Highlands/Islands: £7.99
  • Free standard delivery on orders of £50.00 or above

Do you ship outside the UK?

Unfortunately, we do not ship to areas outside of the UK.

Do you ship to the Republic of Ireland?

Unfortunately, we do not.

Will I receive order updates?

Once we’ve dispatched your order, you will receive a tracking code in your email inbox. You can also check the status of your order/delivery, and manage your Funkin Cocktail Club subscription by logging into your Funkin account. Very Important though - please make sure you choose the day you'd like it to leave our warehouse and not the day you want it to arrive. We haven't yet built the systems to calculate this automatically, so we do rely on you to tell us when to dispatch it from our warehouse based on our standard shipping times.

My order is damaged or missing an item.

In the unlikely event that your order arrives damaged or missing an item, please let us know at We can't use other couriers than Australia Post, Couriers Please or Fastway at this time, but we can definitely let you choose which one's best for you. UK Members : Currently we are only using Yodel, but please stay tuned for future developments here :)